James Gurney

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Can you tell us something about yourself?
James: “My name is James Gurney and my studio is based in Poughkeepsie, New York. I sometimes paint while riding a unicycle.

As Robert Frost said, “My goal in life is to unite my avocation with my vocation, as my two eyes make one in sight.”

At what age did you start drawing and painting?
James: “ Age 8”.

What materials, techniques and tools have you used to create your artwork?
James: “Pencil, pen, and brush; watercolour, gouache, casein, and oil.”

What inspires you to paint?
Dinosaurs and parking lots. One is beyond our imagination, the other is beneath our notice.

Where have you exhibited?
James: “From 1992 until 2015 I have had a traveling exhibition called ‘Dinotopia’ with  varying themes ‘The Fantastical Art of James Gurney, Art Science and Imagination, Journey to Chandara, The return to Dinotopia, A land apart from time. These exhibitions were held in the USA, France, the United Kingdom, Switserland and Italy.”

Where have you had work published?
James: “I have had 63 consecutive features articles since 2009 in the International Artist Magazine.”

Have you won any awards?
James: “Yes, I have won the Hugo, Chesley, Spectrum, and World Fantasy Awards.  I was named a “Grand Master” by Spectrum Fantastic Arts and a “Living Master” by the Art Renewal Centre.”

What style do you specialise in?
James: “Paleoart and urban sketching.”

What medium do you use most?
James: “I use gouache paint.”

Which artists do you admire?
James: “Adolph Menzel, Andrew Wyeth, and Norman Rockwell.”

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