Jacqueline Kamin

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Jacqueline Kamin’s illustrious career was nurtured at the Corcoran museum school and later at the sculpture studio and the art students league in New York. Her poetic and painterly style developed early on and soon became recognized by many prestigious art organizations through awards and juried shows at the Bowersmuseum, the Salmagundi Club, the California Art Club and oil painters of America. Her work was included in several internationally-known art exhibitions held in Hong Kong and New York City as well as the National Museum for Women Artists in her home town, Washington D.C. She is past president of American Women Artists and brought new energy to the organization with her special vision for women in the art world today. Kamin has been featured in ‘South West Art’ and ‘Art of the West’ and has her work in such collections as U.S. senator Barbara Boxer, Entrepreneur Magazine, Manocherian Brothers of New York, and big Horn Westinghouse Corporation. As a way of sharing her artistic passion, she continues to teach nationally for Bright Light Fine Art workshops.

When did you start painting?
Jacqueline: ” I was 10 years old.”

Describe your artwork in 5 – 10 words.
Jacqueline: “ciarcschiro, abstract realism, rich in color and texture, landscape, still life and portraits.”

What materials, techniques and tools have you used to create your artwork?
Jacqueline: I use oil paint, filbert long hair bristle brushes, pallet knives painting boards and canvas.”

What subjects do you like to paint and why?
Jacqueline: “Flowers, people, landscapes, seascapes, still life with fruit and porcelain, metal or glass.”

Did you go to an art college or are you self taught?
Jacqueline: “I did not attend art school. I’ve studied with master artist David A Leffel for 25 years.”

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Jacqueline: “I have a career in art, I paint and teach painting with Bright Light Fine Art.”

If you had a choice of just four colours, what would they be?
Jacqueline: “Cadmium red light, Ivory black, Yellow ochre and Flake white.”

Can you give us a fun fact about yourself?
Jacqueline: “I love flowers and have a passion for a beautiful garden.”

Have you had any exhibitions?
Jacqueline: Yes I have exhibited at: Oil Painters of America, Salamagundi Club, California Art Club and the Susan Black Foundation.”

Have you ever had your work published in a magazine or featured on a website?
Jacqueline: “Yes I have had my work published in the ‘Art of the West’, ‘Southwest magazine’, ‘Fine Art Connoisseur’ and in ‘Art in America’.”

Have you won any art awards?
Jacqueline: “Yes I have won the following awards: ”
California Art Club – Annual selection,
Susan Black artist choice award – accepted into Museum show.
Oil Painters of America – Best Still Life Painting Honorable mention
Salamagundi Club – Best Flower Painting

What is your specialism
Jacqueline: “I paint flowers, still life and landscapes in oil paint.”

Which artist inspirers you?
David A Leffel

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