Improve your paintings with online painting workshops 

As landscape artists, how do we translate expansive, imposing scenery to engaging paintings?  What do we do with nature’s symmetry, enthralling in real life, but monotonous when copied and reduced to a canvas?  How do we successfully contradict reality as we transform the immense expanse of the three-dimensional world to a relatively small, two-dimensional canvas?  How do we, for example, convey the power and energy of one of nature’s towering trees when we must reduce it to mere centimeters on our flat canvas?

Simply copying a reference photo in a painting does not elicit the same response in viewers that they feel when surrounded by the beauty of nature.  In live, online workshops, Johannes (“Jo”) Vloothuis reveals the secrets of top landscape artists and what it is that takes their paintings to the professional level.

Jo teaches live workshops for the world’s largest publisher of art education materials.  As he paints and thinks out loud, he shares principles and techniques and answers questions for 300 or more students during his online Saturday classes.  Jo is popular with students because of the common sense way he conveys and simplifies the complexity of painting beautiful, subjective art.

Over and over, students express “Aha!” moments.

During these live sessions, Jo completes a painting in oils, watercolors, and pastels; acrylic artists also benefit from the principles Jo shares.  During the live sessions, as students are “watching over his shoulder”, they ask Jo questions, get critiques of their own artwork, and chat with like-minded artists.  It’s a fun and educational afternoon.

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