Ideas for painting and drawing

Just about everyone gets stuck on finding ideas about what to paint or draw, this seems to be an ongoing problem for the majority of us. The possibilities are actually endless, it’s just sometimes difficult to think about or find the ideas. Here below are some words that may inspire you to draw or paint a picture. It really doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong, just making marks on canvas or paper puts you in a relaxing and calm mindset and environment, which is what we all sadly lack these days. Any medium can be used and any support, be it a canvas, a piece of paper, a journal or a wall if you dare! Here is the list of 50 different words that could be of inspiration.

  1. A funny fish
  2. A door
  3. Your star sign
  4. Trees
  5. An elephant
  6. A candle
  7. Underwater creatures
  8. Morning coffee and cup
  9. Wine and glass
  10. A Plant or flower
  11. A Tomato sauce bottle
  12. A Fried egg
  13. Stars and stripes
  14. A Pencil and sharpener
  15. A Telephone
  16. A Feather
  17. Lipstick
  18. A Light bulb
  19. A Tube of paint
  20. Hands or feet
  21. A Corkscrew
  22. A Pile of books
  23. A Wooden chair
  24. A Monster
  25. Some Spectacles
  26. A Cat or dog
  27. An Iron and ironing board
  28. A Piece of fruit
  29. Pot of paint brushes
  30. Lamppost or lantern
  31. Cutlery
  32. A washing-up bottle
  33. A Cup cake
  34. Toothbrush and paste
  35. A Sea shell
  36. A Butterfly
  37. A Mushroom
  38. An Ice cream
  39. A Frog
  40. A Cactus
  41. A bunch of keys
  42. A hat
  43. A pirate
  44. An eye
  45. A teddy bear
  46. A self portrait
  47. A unicorn
  48. A computer
  49. A favourite children’s toy
  50. A bumble bee

Here are some suggestions for starting your artistic journey with the above words.

For instance number 37 – a mushroom. There is a lot of scope and many possibilities of making pictures or paintings with just one mushroom. You could even make a series! Using different mediums, dry or wet, on various surfaces can bring surprising results.

You could draw or paint a whole mushroom. For example you could copy the image of a mushroom several times on a canvas or piece of paper, creating the illusion that you have more than one mushroom. You could slice or quarter the vegetable, using these shapes to form a design. Your style can be precise or very loose or anywhere in between. Take multiple photograph’s to work with, which can be cropped or combined with each other.

You can use combinations of mediums and supports, such as florescent paper and a biro pen. Or draw with black fountain pen ink where you can dilute the lines with water when it’s dry and see the colours change. Charcoal and matt varnish are also interesting when combined together. There is also newspaper coated with and stuck onto MDF (medium density fibre board) with matt medium. When completely dry, either draw or paint in a loose or precise style with oil or acrylic on top. This also makes an interesting study, using the newsprint as a background. Overlapping line drawings can be used and the sections coloured in. You can also try drawing with household bleach on a dried surface of Indian Ink. Change the colour of the mushroom, make a green or pink one instead of the regular colour. You can also fill your paper or canvas with a close up view of the mushroom. This is still recognisable as a mushroom but visually very exciting.

These are just some idea’s, there are a lot more. Play, experimentation and artistic creativeness are all that is required. The same principles and ideas can be used for the other 49 ideas!

Whenever you have some time for yourself, take the list and try using your chosen subject and create a picture with it. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Pick whichever subject appeals to you and have a go. A comfortable chair and a favourite drink are also a good stress reliever!

Happy creating!

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