How to use interior designers to increase art sales

We all wonder what the best ways are to get our artwork noticed, increase sales and create a steady stream of income from our artwork. Have you considered selling your artwork to interior designers? Here are a few reasons why this might be a good move for you and how you can get it set up.

Great for exposure
Having your artwork shown in an interior, is a great way to get exposure for your work. Not only is your artwork up on the wall in an environment that it would not usually be in, it will also be photographed and shared in flyers, presentations, websites and social media. Imagine all this extra exposure that your artwork is getting! Do make sure that your name is being mentioned as being the artist who created the artwork in all of these exposure moments.

Consistent buyers
When the interior designer likes your work and feels that it is a good fit for their needs, they could become consistent and a frequent buyer of your art, it’s an easy way to bring in a steady source of income. Interior designers are always on the look out for new artwork.

Make sure that you have plenty of artwork in your portfolio that will appeal to the interior designer. Give them some choices. Often interior designers work with colour trends. Every year a new colour is in fashion. Use the internet to do some research on this subject. You can for instance use a search engine and look for ‘interior design colours 2020’ and get an impression of the trends to come. Incorporating this into your artwork will help the interior designer make fitting choices.

Take action
To find an interior designer in your area you can search online for ‘interior designers in – your location – ‘. Visit their websites first and see if you think they might be a fit for you and your artwork. Contact them and make an appoinment to show them your portfolio of work. Make sure that you have your website, social media and business cards up to date and ready to share.

Who knows, we might be seeing your artwork in a fancy interior design magazine or on social media soon. Good luck