How to sell your art work with success

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of marketing and selling your art work?
You wish you had a head for business and a great marketing plan… but instead, you find yourself struggling financially and frustrated that you haven’t been able get your art business of the ground successfully…

We empower artists like you with art marketing skills, strategies and tools. We help you transform your art career and create financial freedom for yourself.

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This E-course reveals the secrets on

– How to earn money with your artwork while you sleep
– Perfect pricing formula’s for your artwork
– Contract templates for commissions and sales
– The Perfect Art Marketing Strategy for artists
– Nine ways to create a passive income with your artwork
– How to get your art work into the right galleries
– Why it is crucial to enforce copyright on your artwork
– Inject confidence when you talk about your artwork
– Bonus Unit full of valuable tools, contacts and insights from successful artists, art magazine editors, gallery owners and art       licensing companies.
– and much more…




‘I have just read with great interest the amazing e-course on “HOW TO SELL YOUR ARTWORK WITH SUCCESS” by Jean Elliot and her daughter Jocelyn Jones. This is the best complete package of information that will guide to do just that… If anyone was worried & confused on how to do things, you will be no more. It is filled with references, examples and suggestions. Great job!’

– Sue from Canada




‘Thanks to your website and online courses, you are giving people the tools to turn that positive attitude into something very positive for artists careers. I have seen very mediocre talents become spectacular artists because they have had the attitude. If you have the hints, suggestions and guidelines that you provide, I think that is the magic. That is the formula that creates not only great art but great art careers.’

David Hinchliffe – Australia





“Jean and Jocelyn are the wonderful business minds behind the Dutch Art Box. They are huge champions of ours.”
– Skye Fallon,  Director of Sponsorships, International Artist Publishing.

‘How do I price my art? How do I get my work “out there”? These questions vex many artists. Well, be vexed no more. Dutch Art Box’s marvellous course teaches how to tackle these questions. The course is clear, concise and very practical. I especially appreciate Jocelyn and Jean’s inclusion of all the workbooks, guides, marketing tools and plans. This excellent E-course will equip you to take your art to the world.’

– Pieter Kruger from South-Africa