4 Useful tips for removing stuck caps from paint tubes

Don’t you find that annoying? You get in the flow of painting and need a new colour of paint, but the cap of the tube is stuck sollid. What to do? Get in to the habbit of cleaning your tubes constantly with paper before you put the cap back on. This saves a lot of time in the long run. Some manufactures have very thin metal casings for their paint tubes, so take care how you open your tubes.

1 Plyers
The best tool to have in your paint box is a pair of plyers. You can use these to get some extra grip on the cap that won’t budge and twist. But be careful, you don’t want to rip the tube itself. The paint inside will be exposed to air and dry out. Try tip number two if it won’t open yet.

2 Hot water
Run your cap under hot water for a few minutes. If you still can’t open it, put your tube of paint upside down in a pot of hot water and let it soak for a while. It should loosen up and you will be able to open it. Mind you, your cap probably didn’t open because it was full of old hard paint. Make sure to clean it up, now that it is warm and soft and then use the cap again to close it.

3 Save some caps
If you use plyers to open stuck caps, chances are that now and then one will split and break. Save some old caps when you have finished with a tube of paint. This way you will always have some in reserve if you need them.

4 Rag with texture
Hold a rag in your hand and twist open the cap. Using a textured rag will save your fingers from blisters or damage. A rubber non slip underlay from a carpet or a piece of towel or jeans material is always good to use.

5 Cutting
If all else fails you might need to cut the tube open to get any paint out. If so, scrape the paint out and store it in some aluminium foil in the fridge.

We hope these tips help you in your studio. They have certainly helped us and our pupils in the past.