How to plan your artistic year 2020

Every artist needs a plan. Drifting from one art project to the next without any structure doesn’t do your art career any good. Having a plan, a goal, can help you stay focussed and in charge.

Here are a few tips.

Start with a blank piece of paper and write down what your ultimate goals are.
Short term goals can be achieved at the beginning of the year and the long-term goals at the end of the year. For example:
– organise an exhibition
– enter a competition
– get out of your comfort zone and follow a course on new techniques
– launch an art business
– sell your art
– set up a portfolio
– set up a (new) website
– organise a photoshoot of you and your art work
– get more exposure
– building your brand name
– have prints or cards made of your work
– etc.

Set your goals
Pick out the goals that suit you. Ask yourself the follow questions. When do I want to achieve these goals by and what do I need to get there. Write your chosen goals out on paper to make them visible. When you have written you goals down, work your way back to the moment that you need to start planning your goals. Work out the steps that you need to take to achieve your goals.

Keep it in view
It’s very important to have your goals visible. Hang your ideas up in a place where you will constantly be reminded of it. Perhaps in your art studio or on your easel.

Take action
Check your goals every week and to remind and motivate yourself. Remember to take action on a weekly basis. It might seem like a drag, but remember that all your hard work will be rewarded once you accomplish your set goals!