How to paint a colour chart with six colours – part one

This is a general colour chart that can be used for acrylic and oil paint. When you complete the 5 colour charts you will have a basic reference to use for future colour mixes, always remembering that the ratio you use will change the colours.

There are two sorts of primary colours, warm and cool. These both have a distinct effect on your colour mixing. Mixing warm primary colours together sometimes give you a muddy colour, whereas mixing two cool primary colours together can give you a cleaner effect.

By completing this tutorial you will experience for yourself what the effects can be and how you can manipulate colours. Valuable knowledge for any artist.

If you have a problem mixing colours and usually end up with ‘mud’ this will help you get over that problem.

Tutorial – How to paint a colour chart with 6 colours – part 1 / part 5
Watch this 5 part series of tutorials and paint along.

How to paint a colour chart – part 1
In this tutorial we demonstrate how you can paint and alter six basic colours. Download the template DAB-colour-chart-part-01a and print it on thick paper that you can paint on. Make sure you complete this colour chart before you continue with part 2.