How to overcome a creative block

Have you ever had a creative block? Creative blocks happen to everyone. Staring at a blank canvas not knowing what to do. People can tell you to draw a certain object or subject, but if the enthusiasm isn’t their it just doesn’t work. There are many ways to overcome a creative block, here are some remedies. These suggestions may help you.

One – Stress is a killer.
Not only for everyday life, but also for art. Get rid of it, easier said than done, I know. Sometimes in this hectic life we lead, we don’t even realise we have it, which is not good.

Two – Change your habits
The creative process is hard work. Try doing things you don’t usually do with your work. Paint something you don’t usually paint. Landscapes, portraits, interiors or animals.

Three – Change your colours
Try using only contrasting colours or different tones of one colour in your work. It can be refreshing.

Four – Play with your art.
Take a small Passepartout and move it around an existing piece of work, until you come across an interesting section and paint it. This makes you focus on more detail.

Five – Change the dimensions
Take something small, like seed pod for example. Zoom in and macro it, then try painting it. To change things even more your could paint it in a different colour.

Six – Use only complimentary colours
Painting with a limited pallet makes you see things in a different way. Try it out and see what happens.

Seven – Make yourself a five day challenge
Day 1 – sketch your morning cup of coffee or tea.
Day 2 – paint it as precisely as you can
Day 3 – paint the same thing rough
Day 4 – paint it in complementary colours
Day 5 – paint it with a palette knife or credit card

Eight – Allow yourself to fail
Don’t worry about perfection, you will never reach it. Remember that too much expectation kills creativity. Think out of the box and burst out of you personal bubble.

Nine – Change your tools 
If you normally use a brush, try using only a pallet knife. If you use a palette knife use a credit card instead. By using different tools you will automatically experiment and think out of the box.

Ten – Try changing your medium
If you use oil, use water colour instead. Use ink or pastel or acrylic. You will have to change the way you apply this alternative medium and it will make you very much aware of the way you are applying it.

Eleven – Doodle
Doodling is a relatively simple way to keep the pencil moving over the paper! You can do it anywhere and at any time. Let your pencil wonder…

Twelve – Accept input from another pair of eyes
This always helps even if you don’t agree. Eventually with time, stimulation and learning to look at things differently, you will move on…but that is life!

Thirteen – Stare at something for 5 minutes
When you have done that, draw it with out looking at it. Then compare your results with the object you have chosen.

These suggestions might help you get over your creative block and perhaps even get you to try out a different style or medium that you are used to. Try them out and have some fun.