How to get more exposure as an artist

When you draw and paint you put your heart and soul into your artwork and it’s a wonderful feeling when you get compliments and praise for your efforts. You want as many people as possible to see your creations and share your story, whether it be with the intention of getting a message across, making a name for yourself or selling your work artwork. Here are a few ways of getting more exposure for your work.

Have a good website
It’s important to have a website that shows you as an artist presenting your artwork. Make sure you have relevant artwork and well photographed pictures of your work. Contact details and links to your social media are also vital. We share tips for making better pictures of your artwork here if you are interested.

Social media
In todays world it’s a fantastic way to spread your presence around. You can connect to other artists and also to art collectors. Tell your story and engage with your followers.

Exhibiting in local café’s, restaurants, salons, the library and galleries is a great way to get more exposure. When you hang your artwork up, make sure that you have some details about the artwork for people to read. Information about title, size, medium and your contact details. You could also incorporate a QR code that people can scan with their telephone and visit your website while they are in the building. Read our tips on how to get your artwork into an art gallery.

Join an artistic platform
There are many different kinds of artistic platforms that you could join. In our article about ‘How to sell your artwork online’ we list a few options. You can also join our artistic platform and become a Featured Artist for the Dutch Art Box and tell you art story to our readers.

Enter art competitions
By entering art competitions you are connecting to a group of people that are interested in art. Your work will be automatically shown on the organisations website and reach many people. Although your work may not win first prize, it is being seen by many people which is always better than sitting in a portfolio in a corner of your art studio.

Interior Designers
Sell your artwork to interior designers and have your work shown in showrooms, interior design magazines and interior design social media platforms. Read our article ‘How to use interior designers to increase your sales’ to see how you can set this up.

Implement these 6 tips and you will certainly be getting more exposure for your artwork. Good luck!