Harry Junior Adams

by | May 22, 2022 | Article, Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
Harry: ” I’m a self taught hyperrealistic artist and I specialise in ballpoint pens. I live and work in Lagos, Nigeria.
Creating art used to be a hobby for me, now I create art as a profession.”

When did you start creating art?
Harry: “I started drawing in 201”.

What kind of art materials do you use?
Harry: “I work with Ballpoint pens mostly, using cross hatching technique on vellum paper.”

What subjects do you draw?
Harry: “Humans and animals. This is because there’s alot of messages hidden in the human/animal features and body language.”

Fun Fact?
Harry: “I consider myself a dancer.”

Which artist inspires you?
Harry: “Juan Francisco Casas.”

Harry: “The amount of duration I spend in a day creating are about 7-9hrs everyday, while I take some days off ¬†relaxing to calm down the steam. I sometimes spend 5 weeks creating a single art piece.”

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