Fred Gambino

by | Jul 24, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us a little about your self
Fred: “I am an artist living in the UK. I design concept art for the film and game industry. I create art using digital technology and I also use oil paints. In that order.”

When did you start painting?
Fred: “I started painting in the 70’s.”

What materials do you use?
Fred: “Acrylics, oils and digital.”

What subjects do you paint?
Fred: “Environments, landscapes, science fiction, spaceships.”

Did you study art or are you self taught?
Fred: ” I did graphic design at college but my illustration and painting are self taught.”

What is your speciality?
Fred: “I started as an illustrator for publishing, mainly paperback book covers, but since 2000 I have worked in the film and games industry as a concept artist.”

Fun Fact?
Fred: “My parents are  from Sicily.”

Which artist do you admire?
Fred: “There are so many I can’t list them all. Old masters like Carravagio and Turner. Contemporary SF artists like John Harris and Chris Moore”

I have been working on a novel/story entitled Dark Shepherd. Images inspired by the story are on my web site. The novel is being edited at the moment and I’m hoping that this year I might get it out there one way or another.

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