Everything Blue

The Modern Visual Arts Gallery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, invites artists and photographers of all levels to submit original 2D artwork. Blue – a colour that has been regarded with reverence since ancient times. Blue can be interpreted as powerful or subtle, boisterous or calm, elegant or ordinary, charismatic or shy. This colour Blue has been recognized for both positive and negative symbolic and psychological values. A multitude of unique shades of Blue exist including cyan, navy, aqua, azure, cobalt and indigo. Like many colours, the human response to Blue is complex and contradictory.

The MVA Gallery accepts  painting, watercolour, printmaking, mixed media, digital, encaustic, fiber, drawing, and photography. No restrictions on subject matter or style exist for this exhibition.


One New York City Exhibition Opportunity   
One artist or photographer will be selected from all the individuals who were accepted and displayed in an MVA Gallery exhibit during the past calendar year. This artist will be offered an exhibition opportunity in New York City and will be notified in December.

April 18 2022.

More Information
For more information please visit the official website of the organisation.