Dennis Pfeil

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Dennis: “I am a Dutch artist living and working in a town near Amsterdam.

When did you start painting?
Dennis: “Digitally (mspaint) since  2007, acrylics early 2020, oils early 2021. Since 2020 I started using acrylics and in 2021 I fell in love with water soluble oils. This way, I can paint without any toxic fumes. In the early days I used MS Paint, followed by Photoshop. Nowadays my digital works are made with ArtRage Vitae on the iPad.”

What subjects do you paint?
Dennis: “I mostly paint everyday food items, I like this as they are quite forgiving to paint (as opposed to figures or portraits) and I can finish smaller sizes up in one or two sessions. Due to my day job and busy family life, for now this is what I paint mostly.  In order to keep myself painting, I started the weekly #foodpaintchallenge on instagram in 2019. It’s so nice and inspiring to see so many people join the prompt every week!  Besides this, I have bigger projects like figures and portraits which I make over the course of a couple of months.

What style do you paint?
Dennis: “Realism.”

What art materials do you paint?
Dennis: ” Water soluble oil paint (Cobra) by Royal Talens.”

Have you studied art?
Dennis: “N ope, all is self taught.”

Hobby or career?
Dennis: ” For now it’s a hobby. But who knows, perhaps in the future I can make painting my second career 😉.”

Fun Fact?
Dennis: “I never thought I’d be able to paint with real paints, until I just tried!”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
Dennis: ” Yes, in July of 2020 in the Andaz Hotel Amsterdam
November 2021 up until January 2022 – Retirement home in my hometown

Which artists do you admire?
Dennis: “For the food: Dutch painter Tjalf Sparnaay, for the portraits Dutch painter Ben Lustenhouwer and for the figures the Italian Simon Pasini and the Russian Vladimir Volegov. Be sure to check them out!

Check this out!
I started the #foodpaintchallenge on instagram. Each Friday I post a painting with a reference picture together with my co-host Alai. With that, we invite other artists to use the same reference to create their own interpretation of it. Any medium, any style. Some weeks there are between 100-150 people participating. People love the fact that they get a (free) reference each week which they can use. Also, a lot of people step out of their comfort zones, learning even more! Be sure to give it a go as well. 😉

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