Day Light Bulbs for artists

The most obvious and near to hand source of light, is the sun. It is not always completely visable during the day, but always there in one form or another be it a cloudy or sunny day. 

To create art, artists need a good source of light. With the aid of additional light source you can manipulate light and change the mood and character of your subject matter. Light comes in natural forms such as, candle light, firelight and moonlight. Artificial lights, such as, street lights, gass light, florecent lights, torches, light bulbs ranging from a very small wattage to a very high, strong and harsh sort of light. Led light bulbs in all shapes and sizes, Daylight bulbs, Coloured bulbs, I am sure I’ve missed a few!

There are various sorts of day light bulbs and also many ways that they can project their light.

Day Light bulbs have the ability of light a subject, so that it is considered to be lit in the daylight spectrum. It’s ablilty to project a natural light source onto the subject is quite amazing. Other light sources tend to have a contamination of light colour that distorts the colour of the real image in front of you. Obviously  all light sources have their own disadvantages and also their advantages. Still lives for instance can be lit with more than one type of light source, to produce different effects. Using for instance daylight bulbs, with coloured bulbs can produce some very interesting effects.

In general experimenting with different light sources is always exciting. The key to all this is experimentation, patience, ingenuity, imagination, creativity and time.

Daylight bulbs can be used in lamps that are completley adjustable and can be moved to any angle, very handy when trying to produce shadows. Often they can be clipped onto the edge of a light box or table top, for convenience. Generally they are used for chaging the light from a coloured variation of a normal bulb, to a clean dayight tone and colour. This can be used for instance, on a still life construction to brighten and enhance the naturel colours of the subject. There are many sorts and makes of daylight bulbs, these are often used in shadow boxes which have the ability to create more shadows and light areas in small spaces, or a normal still life set up withourt physical boundaries.

They can also dramatically change light situations in your home. A white kitchen for instance can take on quite a different look with normal bulbs or with daylight bulbs, try it. Day light bulbs can be quite inexpensive and are well worth the visual experiment that awaits you. Whether it be  for your home, kitchen, or your artistic endevours in your art studio, give it a try, it’s worth the effort. 


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