David Thomas White

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
David: “I am an artist working with acrylics. My studio is located in New Milton in the United Kingdom.”

When did you start creating art?
David: “On the 27th of April 2004. I was made redundant from my job as a Finance Director and on the day I came home I was challenged by my daughter to paint a picture and the rest is history.”

What materials do you use?
David: “I use acrylics, brushes, knives, canvas, card and fingers!!”

What inspires you to paint?
David: “The sea because it is always changing, the heavens because they reminds me who made us, people’s animals because they pay the bills!”

Did you study art?
David: “No art college, I am self taught…mainly. My A level art teacher said “his art will not amount to anything” so I didn’t paint or draw for 31 years (but I scraped an E!).”

Is art a hobby or a career for you?
David: “It’s been a career since 2004. I am described as “professional” because my art has fed the family of 4 since that date.”

Fun Fact?
David: “I love painting the Sea but I can get sick as a dog on it!”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
David: “Yes, I have exhibited my artwork at Crufts Dog Show for 11 years. I have had three one man exhibitions at Highcliffe Castle, Rhinefield House Hotel and Bournemouth to launch all of my books. I regularly show my work at Rhinefield House, every month for 14 years, where I was artist in residence.”

Has your work been published?
David: “Yes, in SAA’s Paint magazine and Leisure Painter.”

Have you won any art awards?
David: “Yes, I won the SAA Experimental Artist of the Year 2015, Animal Portraits, Sea and Sky and Forestscapes.”

What materials do you use?
David: “Acrylics.”

Which artists inspires you?
David: “You can’t just pick one! Dipnall for landscapes, Turner for emotion, Rembrandt for Portraits, Picasso for experimentalism, Caravaggio for 3D.” David: “When I was made redundant in 2004, I was convinced that I had to become a professional artist, with no training and certainly no encouragement. The art class I found didn’t teach you anything, it left “inspiration to the individual”. I was disgusted! I had achieved the dizzy heights of director in my business career and had hated the “black box” approach to any subject as selfish, greedy and soul destroying. So I made up my mind to share my art journey with others, was trained by a college to become a CertEd art teacher whilst I was learning my professional craft and I have since become known as an inspirational art teacher. The culmination of which has been the publication of three art instruction books which have become best sellers around the world. Sea and Sky in Acrylics, Ready to Paint; Horses in Acrylics and Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics, all available on Amazon and all good bookshops and all published by Search Press. I am a commissioning artist but I have attached a broad range of examples of what I do.”

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