David Hinchliffe

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Can you tell us something about yourself?
David: “I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have been painting and selling paintings in galleries since I was 12 years old. I am fairly conventional — I use acrylic paints, brushes and palette knives and usually paint on canvas.”

What subjects do you like to paint?
David: “I am a representational and figurative painter. I respond to the beauty of urban environments. I tried to capture the essence and atmosphere of the city, rather than its detail.”

Did you study art?
David: “I studied art at the University of Southern Queensland. My teachers included the celebrated Australian artist william Robinson.

Are you a professional or amateur artist?
David: “I am a professional artist. Over the last 12 years I have established an international art practice. I am represented by galleries in London, dealers in New York and Tokyo, a gallery which represents me in Hong Kong, another that represent me in Singapore and six in Australian galleries. I painted throughout a 30 year career in politics Australia. After retiring from politics, I resumed my career.

Where have you exhibited?
David: “I have had more than 70 solo exhibitions and numerous mixed exhibitions. I have 13 galleries and dealers who represent me around the world. I usually have between two and four solo exhibitions each year as well as participating in a number of art fairs in New York, Hampstead, Hong Kong, Singapore and Melbourne.”

Have you had any work published?
David: “Yes, it was an English art magazine and I was asked to explain the stages of my paintings. I honestly can’t recall the name of the magazine — something like “The Artist”. I provided about 10 photographs of my painting process and there were 5 pages devoted to my work.”

Have you won any competitions?
David: “Yes, I have won numerous competitions as a young artist but have not entered art competitions in the last 40 years. Awards from my youth include the Australian Gemini Art Award 1972 and Atlantic City rotary sculpture award 1973.

What inspires you to paint?
David: “I suppose I paint cities in an atmospheric way. I’m less interested in the detail and more interested in an emotional reaction to cities. Fifteen years ago I was standing in Times Square wondering how I would approach painting all the busy detail of the city. A sudden storm reduced all that detail to mist and blurred colour. These silhouetted figures emerged from the mist. That was how I would paint the city from now in.”
What medium do you use?
David: “I used to paint exclusively in oils. But more recently I’ve moved over into acrylics and enjoy that medium.”

Who is your favourite artist?
David: “David Hockney is undoubtably a favourite. There are so many artists who have influenced my work, but most of the artists I like paint quite differently from the style which I have evolved.”

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