Christine Bussler

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Christine Bussler

Our Featured Artist of this week is Christine Bussler.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Christine: “I am from Fayetteville in Tennessee, America and was born in 1955 in Buffalo, New York.”

When did you start painting?
Christine: “I started painting in 2012 and I am  often inspired by colours. I paint mostly nostalgic themed paintings and images that bring a memory to mind using acrylic paint.”

What style do you paint in?
Christine: “The style I paint in is realism. My work has been published on the front cover of ‘Valley Planet’ in Huntsville.”

Did you go to an art college or are you self taught?
Christine: “I am self taught and I have made a career out of my hobby.”

If you had to pick four colours, what would they be?
Christine: “I would pick the colours orange, blue, brown and rust.”

If you would like to connect with Christine, here are her contact details.

Facebook: Christine Bussler 

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