Chiamonwu Joy

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Blog, Featured Artist

Can you tell us something about yourself?
Chiamonwu: “I am an artist from Lagos, Nigeria. I create Hyperrealism and Traditional Art.”
When did you start drawing and painting?
Chiamonwu: “I began to draw at a very tender age of 10. But I have been a professional artist for 8 years now.”
What kind of materials do you use?
Chiamonwu: “I use a combination of various mediums for my artworks. I draw with charcoal, sepia powder, and acrylic paints on either canvas or paper. But mostly canvas.”

What kind of style is your art?
Chiamonwu: “Most time draw within the genre of hyoerrealism. But recently, I have been creatively exploring different kinds of art genre and though they are still on the early stages but I am loving it.”

What subjects do you enjoy creating?
Chiamonwu: “I love drawing or painting Humans. And I love to dress them up traditionally, to look like the African historical figures I want to portray in them. Because that has always been my focus and where my fascination lives.”
Is your art a hobby or career for you?
Chiamonwu: “I am a self taught artist. Art is my full time career. I am an artist by profession.”

Fun Fact?
Chiamonwu: “Oh I love music alot… a whole lot. And i play a lot of music when I am drawing in my studio. I love travelling, I am ambidexterious, and I don’t eat any kind of meat. Lol”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Chiamonwu: “Yes, I had an exhibition in 2016. It was a group exhibition. We were 10 artists and I was the only female in the group; and this was due to the genre of art that we exhibited (the genre was hyperrealism and during that period, very few female artists knew how to make a hyperrealism art). The exhibition took place at Omenka Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria. The Gallery is owned by Mr. Ben Enweonwu. It was a successful exhibition.

What art materials do you use?
Chiamonwu: “Charcoal, Sepia Powder and Acrylic Paints on Canvas.”

Which artists inspire you?
Chiamonwu: “A lot of artsists inspire me. Artists like Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Kehinde Wiley, Arinze, Peju Alatise, Amy Sherald. To mention a few.”

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