Chan Peng Lo

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Can you tell us somehting about yourself?
Chang Peng Lo: “I was born in Taiwan and I am a professional oil painter and I have a studio in Taipei.”

When did you start painting?
Chang Peng Lo: “As early as I can remember.”

What medium do you use?
Chang Peng Lo: “I prefer to work with oil on canvases.”

What subjects do you paint?
Chang Peng Lo: “I paint figures, for I am keen to explore what is hidden behind the surface. If we observe carefully, we would be able to see the true quality of something through any illusions it may present.”

Did you study art or is it a hobby?
Chang Peng Lo: “I started studying art as a teenager and I have a MA degree in Fine Art. I’m a full-time professional artist.”

Where have you exhibited?
Chang Peng Lo: “I have exhibited extensive in Taiwan and overseas in both solo and group exhibitions. My most recent exhibition is “Portraiture 2020″ in Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Los Angeles.”

Have you had any publications?
Chang Peng Lo: “Yes in the Photographize Magazine 2019
Past Press Publications

Have you won any art awards?
Chang Peng Lo: ”
2008 Kaohsiung Awards2008
2007 The Chi-Mei Art Cultivation Awards
2006 The 24th Tao Yuan Arts Exhibition of Tao Yuan County ,excellent painting
2006 The Cathay New Age Potential Art Award, silver award
2005 The 23rd Tao Yuan Arts Exhibition of Tao Yuan County, first prize (water color)
2005 National Fine Arts Exhibition, honorable mention award
2005 National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China, excellent painting award
2005 The Chi-Mei Art Cultivation Awards
2004 The Sketching Competition of National Youth, first prize of university
2003 International Art Prize of oil painting ,honorable mention award
2003 National Fine Arts Exhibition ,finalist
2003 National oil painting prize ,finalist”

Which artists do you admire?
Chan Peng Lo: “There are so many great masters that I admire and it would be too difficult for me to name just one artist, hence I decided not to name any out of respect.”