Carrie Waller

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Blog, Featured Artist

When did you start painting?
Carrie: “I started painting about 11 years ago.”

What medium do you prefere?
Carrie: “I like to work with Watercolors from brands such as Daniel Smith, Schmincke, and Holbein. I use Arches 156lb, cold pressed paper.”

What subjects do you like to paint?
Carrie: “I love to paint glass and light in my still life set ups. I also enjoy painting scenes from Japan or my travels.”

Did you study art?
Carrie: “I went to school for graphic design and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. I taught myself how to paint in watercolors.”

Is art a hobby or career?
Carrie: “This is my career. I sell paintings, commissions and teach watercolor classes.”

Fun Fact?
Carrie: “I have lived in Europe the United States and currently live in Tokyo, Japan for the last 7 years.”

Do you exhibit your art work?
Carrie: “Yes, I am constantly exhibiting works with societies and invitational exhibitions around the world. I also have a painting group called Women Artists Masters and we exhibit all over the world as well. Last year we had multiple exhibits including one in Tokyo, Japan. We currently have a traveling exhibition scheduled starting at the Strathmore mansion in Maryland at the beginning of the new year and moving to 3 more locations in the United through 2023.”

Which artists inspire you?
Carrie: “Janet Fish, Lauren McCracken, Mary Pratt to name a few but so many more artists inspire me.”

Take a look at the video ‘A Light bulb moment’ by Carrie Waller to see how she created this colourful piece of art work.

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