Bright Light Fine Art

With so much art instruction online, how can you find the teachers that are right for you? Let us help.
Many online video libraries overwhelm you with confusing content and contradictory instruction that limits your understanding with formulaic thinking.

Our videos are a rich resource of basic painting and drawing knowledge that will give you the fine art foundation that you’ve been missing. For beginner to advanced artists, our videos will strengthen the knowledge that everyone needs to express their artistic vision.  

Our members enjoy access to the finest art instruction available anywhere. By learning traditional fine art skills, you’ll be able to express a contemporary vision. Our videos can accommodate any schedule and give you a variety of ways to learn: tutorials, demonstrations, eBooks and intimate fly-on-the-wall views of everyday workdays as in our “Day in the Studio Series.”

You benefit from over 100 years of teaching experience where you’ll learn everything from the basics of drawing to the most advanced levels of oil painting. New content is added monthly and yet every time you revisit a film, you will continue to learn even more.

Bright Light Fine Art has adopted the philosophy that good art instruction should be available to every serious student and that is why we have kept our instruction affordable. For pennies a day four of the top professionals in the business will show you how to paint flowers, the human face and figure, compose a still life and feel comfortable drawing and painting on the streets of any city in the world.  And because our videos are on online, you can watch at your leisure…anytime…anywhere!

And now in our online workshops we’ll pre-record demonstrations and then explain our process while answering all your questions in real time. Never before have you had such access to the best art instruction available no matter where you live.

Visit the Bright Light Fine Art Artists guild and sign up for the Portrait Workshop in January now.