Brian Buckrell

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Brian: “My name is Brian Buckrell, I began painting after retiring from my career as a Professor of Veterinay Medicine, University of Guelph.  I began painting in acrylics in 2005.In the summer I live in Collingwood, Ontario and in winter time I stay in Courtenay, British Columbia”

What materials do you use to create your paintings?
Brian: “I work with traditional techniques and materials – quality brushes, palette knives and colour shapers.”

What inspires you to paint?
John: “The Canadian Landscape – rocky ocean shorelines, mountains, farms, fishing villages and rivers.”

Did you study art?
Brian: “I did not go to a formal art college. I spent 6 months in full time study at the Watts Atelier in California and spent a decade taking
workshops from some of the best in Canada and the USA.”

Is art a hobby or a career for you?
Brian: “It is a full time career – painting and teaching workshops.”

Fun fact?
Brian: “I spent my life as a farmer, veterinarian and professor and never picked up a brush or visited a gallery – until a few years after retirement when my wife dragged me to a drawing class  to shut me up – and I have never stopped since.”

Have you exhibited your work?
Brian: “Yes, at the  Federation of Canadian Artist exhibits and the Canadian Society of Artists exhibits.

What is your style of painting?
Brian: ” Impressionistic interpretation of the Canadian landscape.”

Which artists inspire you?
Brian: “Robert Genn – there are so many.”

Brian: “I have been so very fortunate to find painting in my senior years.  I love sharing my learning with others, particularly those also in
their senior years. Seniors make up the largest proportion of my workshop attendees.

Painting can be a selfish endeavor. Could not have been possible without the support of my wife.

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