Brain Training 

We are told that we use only about 10% of our brains. The rest of our head is not empty, just not completely used, at least not that we know of! Brains are strange things and need to be constantly challenged to keep them healthy and alert.  Here are a few artistic exercises to workout some of the grey matter! Try painting meat purple or biscuits blue, strawberries yellow or chocolate green. You will be surprised at how difficult this is.

Our brains are conditioned to know that biscuits are brown, meat is red and chocolate is definitely not green!  This is difficult enough when laying on the first layers of colour but when it comes to putting in the shadows, this becomes very difficult.  You are dealing with colours that your brain dosen’t recognise as being correct, or at least not in the right place.  This exercise not only stretches your creative self,  but helps you think outside of your personal artistic box. Try it and see the results. Try exercising your brain and challenge it to paint something in an unexpected colour, it’s fun and you’ll learn a lot!

Share your training with us! Post your artwork on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #dutchartbox. We would like to see what you make!