How to become a featured artist


A featured artist on the Dutch Art Box, is an artist who deserves some worldwide recognition.

The Dutch Art Box is a new platform for the serious artists who wish to grow and develop their artistic skills. If you want to share, promote and sell your work online, join our community… it’s free so why not give it a go.

We want to help you promote your art work. By helping us find out more about yourself and your art work, you will get the chance to tell the world about yourself. What inspires you as an artist and were can we find out more of your work.

Fill in the form and we can get started.

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    We would like to publish some of your work on our website. With the answers you provide us with and the images you upload we are able to put together an interesting article about you and your work. The more information you give us the more interesting it will be for our readers. Please include the following pictures.

    Tips to help you photograph your work

    - always use a tripod to take pictures of your work
    - make sure you turn the date of so it doesn’t show in the picture
    - check to see if you have all of the art work in the picture without having a rouge shadow of an easel or picture frame in the photograph
    - The best way to photograph your work is to take it outside in the shade.
    - Make sure that everything is square on and not tilted.

    For more tips and information see our blog about taking photographs of your artwork.

    1. A picture of you in your art studio (landscape)
    2. A portrait picture of yourself
    3. Send six photographs of your own work.
    4. The files all together cannot exceed the maximum size of 4Mb.