Becky Cao

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Becky: “My name is Becky Cao, I am from China and live in Canada. I enjoy art journal in my sketchbooks as a way to contemplate about life and finding beauty in the ordinary. Every day is full of creative potentials. Art-making is slowing down in life to enjoy the moments. I use pen and watercolors most often.”

When did you start painting?
Becky: “I have been drawing and painting non-stop since I was a child. I started drawing and painting in my sketchbooks (art journals) in early 2012 and have been doing it almost everyday. I most often use waterproof technical ink pens and watercolors. Sometimes, I use coloured pencils and markers.”

What kind of subjects do you draw and paint?
Becky: “I always enjoy drawing and painting everyday objects, landscapes, and cityscapes.”

Did you go to art school?
Becky: ” Yes, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Now I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Art Education.”

Fun Fact?
Becky: “I am an art teacher teaching in my local community centres and in my home art studio. I also play the piano. Music enriches me as an artist.”

Do you exhibit your art work?
Becky: “Yes, I have been in a number of group exhibitions in Canada. Some pages of my sketchbook have been published in magazines, books, and online art platforms. I have also done many commission work for collectors around the world.”

Which artists inspire you?
Becky: “Many artists have inspired me: Vincent Van Gogh, David Milne (a Canadian painter), Claude Monet, David Hockney… I love impressionism.

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