Awadh Art Festival

26th of February until the 4th of March 2021

Exhibition Venue
AIFACS (All India Fine Art and Crafts Society)
1, Rafi Narg, New Delhi 110001, India

About the Festival
Awadh Art Festival is a contemporary art fair in India and promotes  young, lesser known and also seasoned artists. It provides them with an exhibition space where they can connect with art buyers, art galleries and art connoisseurs. This is an affordable art fair which is opened to all artists, trained as well as self-taught and will go beyond all conventional barriers to seek and encourage excellence. The festival gives artists the opportunity to participate and showcase and sell their art works. There will be over 50 artists under one roof, this is a powerful way to promote their art work and make connections with other people. It is a boost to the present art market and increases the art and culture tourism in India.

 Objectives of the Awadh Art Festival

1.Increase Art Sale.
2. Promote Creativity and excellence in the field of Art Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.
3. Recognize and promote different artists.
4. Involving general public to participate as the sale of art works.
5. Provide artistic opportunities to lesser known artists and natural talents by getting them into limelight.
6. Promote Art & Cultural Tourism.

Arka Pradhan – architect – is the founder of the Awadh Art Festival established in 2018.
“To me, Awadh Art Festival is a facilitator, which enables cross – pollination across cultures. The ability to have this position makes the Awadh Art Festival the core of where societal transformation van take place. But this is possible when the AAF sets at it’s core the importance of social realities and its urgencies. For me, Award Art Festival has the power to advance culture and civilization by provoking thought, introspection and discussion – which in turn leads to change.” – Arka Pradhan

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