Austin Howlett

by | Dec 7, 2019 | Featured Artist | 0 comments

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Austin: “My name is Austin Howlett and I am from Colorado in the United States of America.”

When did you start painting?
Austin: “I started watercolours and drawing at the age of 6 and moved into oils when I was in high school. I’ve loved painting and drawing from a very young age.”

What inspires you to paint?
Austin: “I’m inspired by the complexities of the human psyche and the ways in which we handle our emotions. I am most inspired by the concept of vulnerability and how it can improve our lives.”

What subject do you paint?
Austin: “I paint people and landscapes. I have always loved paintings landscapes but wanted to tackle more complex and nuanced themes that could only be illustrated through human emotion.”

Are you self-taught or do you have a degree in art?
Austin: “I received an art degree from a liberal arts college.”

Is art a hobby for you or is it a career?
Austin: “Career!”

Which colours could you not do without?
Austin: “Blue, purple, gray and green”

Do you exhibit  your art work?
Austin: “Yes, I had a solo exhibition from my senior college thesis and since then have been featured in several national juried shows.”

Have you won any art awards?
Austin: “Yes, I won First place at the Own An Original juried show in Littleton Colorado.”

What is your specialism?
Austin: “Surrealism.”

What medium do you prefer to use?
Austin: “Oil paints”

Which artists do you admire?
Austin: “Brad Kunkle, Rob Rey and Casey Baugh”

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