Artistic SOS in Zambia

Art teacher Chenda McDonald, based in Zambia contacted us with the request of putting out an ‘Artistic SOS’ call to the Dutch Art Box readers. Here it is.

Calling artists who are willing to volunteer their times, skills and experiences working in a Frances Davidson Secondary School in Zambia. You will be working with children between the ages of thirteen and eighteen around the middle of May 2020.

What kind of artists are we looking for? Chenda: “We are looking for a group of at least three self-motivated artists who are willing to volunteer their time, skills and experiences, working with an African child-artist in a school setting. The activities will have to be conducted within a routine schedule in the school.  The artists must be or have worked in a school setup and willing to conduct “team-teaching” in activities like the art of crafts, sculpture and pictorial drawing/painting. In crafts, particular interest is on artists working in the area of recycling everyday things that house-holds discard to make useful art products. This is important because the projects of this kind are essential for their (pupils here) wake against domestic generated waste. They must also be willing to use an improvised working space.”

When do you need them to be at our school? Chenda: “The artists are expected to arrive in Zambia around 12th May 2020. That is the second term of the academic year.”

Where is our school and what kind of school is it?
Chenda: “Our school, Frances Davidson Secondary School is a Mission institution run by the Brethren in Christ Church focusing on offering inclusive education for economically disadvantaged children. The school is located within Macha Mission 75 km from Choma town, Southern Zambia, Africa. It is a three hour’s drive from the Victoria Falls.”

What age are the children?
Chenda: “Our pupils are of the ages between thirteen years and eighteen. These are pupils from eighth to twelfth grades, by British standards.”

Where would the artists stay?
Chenda: “We have organized three host families who are willing to offer them shelter. However, there is a Guest house nearby the school located at Macha Mission Hospital.”

How long do we need the artists?
Chenda: “They could stay with us for at least a period of four weeks.”

What kind of materials will they be working with?
Chenda: “The materials available for now include manila and bond paper, pencils and coloured chalk.”

What do they need to bring?
Chenda: “The artists are free to bring with them any other resources that can make their work easier. We do not have any specialized paper at the moment. However, whatever resource is available at their disposal is welcome.”

Who do they contact if they are interested? Chenda: “Interested artists must contact me through or They may also contact the school manager on”