Art Inspiration from India

Former Featured Artist for the Dutch Art Box, Arindam Gupta, is an artist from India and specialises in using charcoal as his favourite medium. He is participating in the  Awadh Art Festival and Exhibition – AIFACS, New Delhi with his piece of art titled ” The Old Holland”. He has used Nitram sticks and liquid charcoal. It showcases the History of Holland, Maestro Rembrandt’s influence, and the heritage of the Dutch Smoking Pipe. The texture and look has been achieved by burning and crushing the paper. Tea liquor has been sprayed on to recreate a moment from 200 years ago. The exhibit is part of Art for Art by Sawansukha, a first in India. It is an original concept where Diamond and Gold Jewellery has been used as a part of a painting installation.

About the Art Piece
This stunningly unique piece by Sawansukha represents the royalty and heritage of the bygone eras. The upper part of the Tobacco Pipe has a floral gold motif surrounded by round diamonds. It also has the Star logo. This timeless piece is classic yet contemporary.

Thought behind this painting
This painting is a tribute to the legendary 16th century Dutch Painter Rembrandt, and the art forms of painting and jewellery-making. The gold and diamond jewellery installation in the painting is the first-of-its-kind in India. The old man in the painting belongs to an affluent Dutch family. The Tobacco Pipe is a symbol of glory and tradition. In the yesteryears, smoking a pipe was an aristocratic indulgence in Dutch and other European traditions. Siddarth Rupchand Sawansukha has another take on the painting. He believes it to be a tribute to the timeless elegance of men. 



About Sawansukha
Sawansukha Jewellers have a reigning history of over 250 years. Originally from the royal state of Rajasthan, the jewellers found their way to the distant East of IndiaThe group stands as one of India’s leading jewellers today. The romance continues to find expression in exquisitely crafted jewellery in diamond, platinum, gold and precious stones, for retail, wholesale and export. Sawansukha has precision quality systems that ensure high standards are maintained and delivered to customers. With 85 National and International Awards, the brand has set a remarkable benchmark.