Arindam Gupta

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Can you tell us something about yourself? Arindam: “I am an oil and charcoal artist, my art studio is in Kolkata, India.”

When did you start painting? Arindam: “Since I was 2 years.”

What inspires you to paint? Arindam: “Indian Yogic and Tantric Culture.”

How would you describe your artwork? Arindam: “I prefer creating artworks which speak and express my thoughts about the Yogic and Tantric side of the Indian heritage. Through my artworks people can experience the unique culture of Yogis and Tantrics of India with a new expansive and compelling perspective.”

What materials, techniques and tools do you used to create your artwork? Arindam: “Charcoal, Oil and Water Colour.”

What subjects do you like to paint and why? Arindam: “I love working on the very lesser known and exhaustive aspects of the Indian Yogic and Tantric Culture. My interest and in-depth knowledge on these subjects which is largely attributed to the exclusive association which I had with the Himalayan Sadhus, Aghoras, Tantrics from Kamakhya (a Hindu shrine in Assam, India) motivates me to work on them. Through my artworks I want to give the world an insight into the rich and vibrant culture of the Indian Yogis and Tantrics.

Did you go to an art college or are you self-taught? Arindam: “I was trained at The Indian College of Arts, Kolkata and have passed out as a Bachelor of Fine Arts- Western Style.”

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby? Arindam: “ I am a professional artist with a huge private/corporate collection of paintings and drawings.”

If you had a choice of just four colours, what would they be? Arindam: “Saffron, Red, Black and White.”

Can you give us a fun fact about yourself? Arindam: “One funny and interesting part of the artistic work I do is that my father and mother always find them to be erroneous. I have not been able to satisfy them till date.”

Have you had any exhibitions? Arindam: “Yes, I have had quite a few national exhibitions, the most recent being the ICCR Fine Arts Exhibition organised in Kolkata in Feb 2020.”

Have you ever had your work published in a magazine or featured on a website? Arindam: “Yes, my artworks have been appearing in the print media since a long time. Quite a few Indian regional and national publications have featured my works.”

Have you won any art awards?
Arindam: “Yes, I have had quite a few of them. One of them is the “Master Award” at the recently concluded ICCR Art Exhibition held at Kolkata in the month of Feb 2020.”

What is your specialism?
Arindam: “Oil and Nitram charcoal”

Which artist inspirers you?
Arindam: “Master Vinci, Master Raphael and Master Rembrandt.”

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
Arindam: “I really don’t appreciate the Modern and Post-Modern Impressionist art type. I love to do and see works which are appreciated by the masses, like the works of Master Vinci, Raphael and Rembrandt. I give special attention to the expression, which my characters try to portray. I enjoy working on subjective topics which can put forward my thoughts and views about the rich culture of the Yogis and Tantrics of our country, India.”

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