App that helps artists showcase art online

Artist Creates New App To Help Other Artists Showcase Their Work Online

Smartist makes it easier than ever for artists to digitally showcase their work in realistic settings, using real dimensions. The app launched on April 7, 2021, and artists are already raving about it.

Fewer art shows and networking events as a result of COVID-19 precautions has made selling art very challenging for many artists — making websites and social media the main source of sales. Smartist founder Igar Tali saw this challenge as an opportunity to take action.

“As artists, we have to do everything,” says Ilgar Tali. “We buy supplies, make the art, build our websites, stage the art, do the PR….Smartist helps artists save time and resources, so we can sell faster and focus on our craft.”

With Smartist, artists just take a photo of their artwork and add the dimentions. From there, they can choose from hundreds of combinations of custom interiors, frames, and colors. Artists can even show multiple pieces together on one wall or move art behind objects for added realisticness.

Then, they can crop images however they want without reducing the resolution, and export in any popular social media format for easy sharing and faster selling.

The library of exclusive, hyper-realistic interiors grows every month, leaving no shortage of options to choose from. Each setting is custom-designed by Smartist and implemented using Apple Scenekit, one of the most innovative 3D frameworks for Apple devices.

According to Tali, this app is only the beginning. Smartist plans to continue making smart tools for today’s artists.

“We’re making it our mission to find out what artists need the most, and deliver for them.”

About Smartist
The Smartist app helps artists showcase their artwork without all the hard work. It is available for download on the Apple App Store with both free and premium plans, and a 1-week free trial.

Ilgar Tali, Smartist