António Teodósio

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
António: “I am originally from Portugal, I now live and work in Delft, The Netherlands.”

When did you start painting?
António: “I started painting when I was very young.”

What materials do you use most?
António: “Watercolor and Acrylic.”

What style do you paint in?

What subjects do you paint?
António: “Cityscapes and still lifes, because the details.”

Did you study art?
António: “I studied for five years in the High Art School Soares dos Reis in Porto/Portugal before I graduated in architecture at Portucalense University.”

Hobby or career?
António: “I have my career in art in conjunction of my career as architect.”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
António:” Yes, some of my exhibitions:
Biennale International d’Art Castelli Romani Nemi in Italy (2017)
European Patent Office, Rijswijk (2017)
Gemeente Delft (2018/2019)
Biennale internationale d’Art Castelli Romani Nemi, Italy (2019)
Molen de Roos, Delft (2019)
Expositie Spectrum, Delft (2019)
Stads-Koffyhuis, Delft (2019)
Expositie IWS-Holland, Zaandijk (2020)
Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society (2020)
Aquarel Art Galerie, Zutphen (2021)
Expositie IWS-Holland, Zaandijk (2021)

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