Anna Grechina

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Can you tell us about yourself?
Anna: ‘I am a professional artist, designer from Moscow in Russia. I am a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. My parents Grechina Olga and Sergey Geta are famous Russian artists, painters, father is one of the 5 best hyperrealist artists in Russia. Since I’ve watched my parents painting for their whole life, since childhood I fell in love with Hyperrealism and my dream has ripened in me. All my life I worked as a designer, marketer, art director. But a few years ago, I realized that stop! I don’t want to be a designer anymore, I don’t want a computer. I want to devote my life to painting!’

What materials do you use?
Anna: ‘I paint on canvas and use oil and acrylic’

What subjects do you paint?
Anna: ‘Now I paint fruits, but I change all the time. I do not know what I will draw next.’

Did you study art?
Anna: ‘Yes, in 1994 – 2000- “Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S.G. Stroganov . 1990 – 1994 – “Moscow Academic Art Specialized School of Memory of 1905″‘.

Fun Fact?
Anna: ‘I am a mom, I have 2 small children. I love windsurfing, diving and skiing. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I do my exercises outside in the morning and take a cold shower. But when I was a student, I was completely different!’

Have you exhibited your art work?
Anna: ‘Yes, here is an overview of my art exhibitions
-“Academic Art 25 years ago”. « Interkolor» gallery. Russia, Moscow. 2019
-“Capital Art Seasons”. Art Center “ART Box”. Russia, Moscow.  2019
-“New art names 2020”.  Art Center “ART Box”. Russia, Moscow.  2020
-“Hyperrealism and not only”. “Promgrafika” gallery, Moscow Union of Artists. Russia, Moscow. 2020
-“Still life. The revival of the genre “.  Art Center “ART Box”. Russia, Moscow.  2020
– “The artist and the pandemic» Moscow Union of Artists.  Russia, Moscow. 2020
-“Another Reality” All-Russian Eco-Art Festival. Russia , Saint Petersburg. 2020′

What style do you paint?
Anna: ‘Painting, hyperrealism, photorealism’

Which artists inspire you?
Anna: ‘My parents Grechina Olga and Sergey Geta inspire me.’

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