Angélique Roux

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us a little about yourself
Angélique: ” I am an artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. My speciality is drawing pet portraits in carbon, graphite and charcoal.”

When did you start drawing?
Angélique: “For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved drawing, but I was told you can’t make money with art. I only became really serious about it a few years ago after returning from a brief holiday to Paris and Madrid. I couldn’t ignore the call to create and surround myself with beauty any longer. That’s when it all started. Since lockdown started in South Africa, I’ve been doing art full-time. It is a beautiful dream come true.”

What materials do you use?
Angélique: “I mostly use carbon, graphite & charcoal on paper. While I love colour, value and edge design is the soul of a piece (to use Leffel’s words).”

What subjects do you draw?
Angélique: “I really love drawing cats as a cat person, but what I really want to draw professionally is human portraits. I hope to pivot my commissions soon. Watch this space!”

Have you studied art?
Angélique: “I am an online Watts Atelier, Barnstone and Bright Light Fine Arts student – my own modern approach to classical atelier training.”

Career or hobby?
Angélique: “This is the start of my career. I mostly sell commissioned portraits, but I’m also working on a series of original artworks.”

Angélique: “I actually didn’t plan to become a pet portrait artist. I was studying with Watts Atelier when I drew my partner’s dog for him as a gift. One of his friends saw it and wanted to pay me to draw their childhood cat. That’s how it all started. If you’re an artist reading this, just share your work with the world – opportunities will find you even if you think you’re not good enough yet.”

Which artists inspire you?
Angélique: “Right now, I’m a obsessed with Velazquez. David Leffel and Rembrandt will always have a special place in my heart.
I believe art, when you are deeply passionate, is like a religion. Our practice becomes spiritual: it unravels our emotions and we stand bare before the canvas, stripped of all we think we are and ought to be. Sometimes, when our hand does not yet draw/paint what we wish to see, it may be frustrating. When that happens, there is only one thing we can do: Surrender fully to the process of learning and creating, knowing that the path you are following will bring into being the breathtaking work your soul yearns to create, work that will bring you to your knees.

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