Anat Zehavi

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Anat Zehavi

Can you tell us about yourself?
Anat: “My name is Anat Zehavi and I was born in Tel Aviv Israel in 1974.”

When did you start painting?
Anat: “I started painting since I’m very little. I used to copy my father’s drawing and took it from there. Then I got a set of oil paints for my twelfth birthday and then started a big love story. I copied all the big classic oil painters and fell deeply in love with Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. Later with Van Gogh and Renoir ( big time).”

What inspires you to paint?
Anat: “… my gosh!! I really don’t know. It can be so many things, it can be, a walk in the market, a movement of a beautiful person, a simple morning light, music or a beautiful poem…”

What subjects do you like to paint and why?Anat: “I love to paint basically everything. I can say that I reached myself to paint. With help of great support and the right teacher made me stronger. One of them is the Israeli artist Shimon Kaplan. He gave me private lessons in his studio when I was 17. In Israel I went to art academy Mimad. One of my teachers there was the great painter Miriam Cabessa. I left after half year and travel to The Hague in Holland because someone told me that there is a great academy in this city. That it’s perfect for me and my god, what a great advise that was.”

What are your four favourite colours?
Anat: “The four colours I couldn’t do without are green, orange, brown and yellow.”

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Anat: “In 2003 I got excepted to the Pulchri Studio and it’s the only gallery I work with the last 7 years. All the rest I sell online.”

Have you had any exhibitions?
Anat: “In 2008 the “Secret art exhibition” came to Israel. I was in it as a secret artist and sold my work. At the end of the exhibition they choose me to be published in The newspaper. it was fun!”

What medium do you work with mostly?
Anat: “I work with oil paint. I love to work small lately, (not bigger then 120 cm)  but of course it changes all the time.”

Which artists inspirer you?
Anat: “The artist that inspirers me at the moment is Lucian Freud, Jeremiah Goodman, Monet and of course Van Gogh.”

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