Allison Bell

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Allison: “My name is Allison Bell and I live in Perth, West Australia.”

When did you start drawing and painting?
Allison: “I started painting seriously after the birth of my daughter in 2017 as a way of recording events and for self-care. I had engaged in artwork prior  to this but discovering the medium of pastel in 2017 and then expanding on its uses and techniques since made me work more frequently at my artwork.”

What art materials do you use?
Allison: “A variety of soft pastels on different types of paper (colourfix, pastel mat), I don’t often fix my work as it dulls the pigments and I use my hands and fingers to blend and move the pastel.”

What subjects do you draw and paint?
Allison: “I like new challenges so I’m always willing to try something new – I get bored doing the same thing too much. I like portraits and capturing the ‘likeness’ of something because I feel it’s then a record of that moment in time I’m pretty flexible in terms of my subject matter, ranging from florals, to landscapes and portraits. I do love ugly baby birds! I like to capture something that perhaps is not aesthetically pleasing and showing the beauty that I see in it.”

Have you had an education in art?
Allison: “I studied fine art and art history at American University (DC) but the majority of my ability is self-taught.”

Is art a hobby or a career for you?
Allison: “I teach art at a primary school level and do artwork for sale or commission separately. I probably work faster than I should but I am extremely time poor so when I do work it’s like ‘Mission Impossible’ – a desperate race to do and create as much as I can in the smallest amount of time. I also often record myself live as I paint and later turn them into time lapses.”

Have you exhibited your work?
Allison: “Yes, multiple works of mine were selected to be exhibited in the art exhibition at University. I’ve had two showings of three artworks and one in 2018 at another art show.

What is your specialism?
Allison: “Pastel painting with soft pastels.”

Which artist inspires you?
Allison: “Too many – I studied Art History (and continue to do so) and the list is to magnanimous.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
Allison: “I title myself a ‘practising’ artist as I believe with each piece I do I’m practising my skills, I’m improving, I’m learning. I think it is extremely important to ‘own’ who you are and what your art is and that it should change and develop because we, as humans, change and develop.”

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