Alesia Yeremeyeva

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us about yourself
Alesia:  “I am a self taught oil paint artist. My hobby turned into a career. I am originally from Minsk, Belarus. At the moment I live in Weymouth in the United Kingdom.

When did you start painting?
Alesia: “I started painting two years ago.”

What are your favourite art materials?
Alesia: “I prefere to use oils paints, brushes and pallet knifes.”

What subjects do you paint?
Alesia: “I create waves, because of their magnificent beauty, power and flexibility, ever changing ocean.

Fun Fact
Alesia: “Despite sea is my passion Im being too scared to dive. And this is my next goal!”

Which artists inspire you?
Alesia: ” Ivan Aivazovsky, JMWTurner, A Kuindzhi,  Dali, T James.”

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