Alberto Izcara

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Blog, Featured Artist

Can you tell us something about yourself?
Alberto: “I was born and lived for many years in the wonderful city of Burgos (Spain) and now I live in the surroundings of Madrid. Although I am an engineer and I have intervened in the execution of large concrete structures (hotels, homes hospitals) now life has led me to change concrete and steel for pencil and paper.”

What is your specialism?
Alberto: ” I specialise in hyper realistic portraits.’

What medium do you use the most?
Alberto: ” I use Graphite on paper.”

What materials, techniques and tools have you used to create your artwork?
Alberto: ” I always work with graphite, logically on paper, but I have also done some work in white marble, yes marble…”

Did you go to an art college or are you self taught?
Alberto: ” I am self taught.”

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Alberto: “I am trying to make it more than a hobby but when I started to move it the Covid arrived…”

If you had a choice of just four colours, what would they be?
Alberto Izcara: “Of course white, black, grey and I would add red for it’s contrast with them.”

Which artist inspire you?
Alberto: “Kelvin Okafor and Jono Dry have really spectacular artworks.”

Can you give us a fun fact about you?
Alberto: ” I have a sweet tooth, My wife says I have two stomachs, one for the sweet and the other for the rest.”

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