Adriana Villagra

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Adriana: Ï am an artist living and working in Paraguay and I mostly work with oil paint and graphic pencils.”

When did you start painting?
Adriana: “I started painting in 2002 and had my first solo show in 2005.”

What kind of art materials do you use?
Adriana: “Mostly oil on canvas for paintings, graphite pencil on paper for drawings. For special textures and effects in my paintings I use sponges, old brushes, fabrics, etc.”

What subjects do you paint?
Adriana: “The subjects that I enjoy painitng the most are the sky, origami figures, elements of nature such as leafs, flowers; textures like wood, metal, old walls, wires. I make the origamis figures myself and every time I fold the paper to create a figure, I feel the life process is present. It is playful but also very mystical. I also enjoy painting elements I find or see when I go out for a walk that have a hidden beauty.”

Did you study art?
Adriana: “I studied graphic design at college and have a bachelor degree. My art education is mostly self-taught, under, based on research and the tutoring of my mother Ramona Riquelme who is also a selft-taught artist. Unfortunatelty I couldn’t find any art school in my country with an art program focused on realistic painting and drawing. I also took some painting and drawing workshops with artists from my country and abroad. Since January of this year I have been studying Academic Drawing and Old Masters Techniques under the guidence of Matias Alessandro (Argentina) to refine my skills and deepen my studies of drawing and painting.”

Hobby or career?
Adriana: “Yes, I have a career in art as a full time artist.”

Fun Fact?
Adriana: “I wake up very early to do my yoga practice. From time to time I enjoy cooking plant-based meals and I love cats, I have two.”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Adriana: “Yes, I have had solo and group shows in Paraguay, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Peru, USA, France, Spain, Taiwan. One of the most important exhibitions I had abroad was in 2018 in Taiwan at the art fair “Art Revolution Taipei”. I had the opportunity to exhibit my paintings there after going through a very rigorous selection process that involved a huge number of artists from around the world.

What style do you paint in?
Adriana: ” Realistic painting and drawing.”

Which artists do you admire?
Adriana: “William Bouguereau, Caspar David Friedrich, John Aktison Grimshaw, Artemisia Gentilleschi, Remedios Varo and many others. I also find very inspiring the simplicity and deepness of Classical Asian Art.”

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