Who we are
We are Jean Elliot and Jocelyn Jones a mother and daughter artist team, based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

What we do
We coach and inspire artists all over the world, who want to create a successful art career and have a thriving art business.

Who we help
We help artists who feel overwhelmed by the thought of marketing and selling their artwork. They lack a head for business and don’t have a proper marketing plan. They find themselves struggling financially and are frustrated that they haven’t been able to succeed in creating a successful art career.

What problem we solve
We empower artists with art marketing strategies and specific marketing tools, to transform their unsuccessful art career and financial struggles into a successful art business creating financial freedom.

Best colourful wishes,
Jean and Jocelyn 



“Jean and Jocelyn are the wonderful business minds behind the Dutch Art Box. They are huge champions of ours.”
– Skye Fallon,  Director of Sponsorships, International Artist Publishing.


‘Thanks to your website and online courses, you are giving people the tools to turn that positive attitude into something very positive for artists careers. I have seen very mediocre talents become spectacular artists because they have had the attitude. If you have the hints, suggestions and guidelines that you provide, I think that is the magic. That is the formula that creates not only great art but great art careers.’  –  David Hinchliffe – Australia