We are Jean Elliot and Jocelyn Jones, mother and daughter artists with a passion for bringing people together through art. We are a Dutch company based in The Netherlands and we are proud to be a part of the Dutch art heritage. We have created a global virtual place for professional and dedicated amateur artists to connect and inspire each other. Our mission is to help you become the artist or art instructor you are meant to be! Learning new creative skills and using the right tools for the job.


“We connect keen amateur artists eager to learn new art skills with the best online art instructors anywhere in the world.”

Connecting artistic people
We connect professional art instructors and artists that are eager to learn new art skills. We search the globe for the best art instructors who teach art workshops and art courses online. Our readers are keen to learn new art skills and want to know where to find skillful art teachers who teach all types of mediums.

Discovering remarkable art products
For example unique art products made such as paint brushes, a unique type of easel, an unusual set of paints, or an art magazine full of inspiring articles. We like discovering high quality art products and sharing what we know about them with our readers.

Drop us a line if you want to share your idea and connect with us – mail@dutchartbox.com

Best colourful wishes,
Jean and Jocelyn