About us

The Dutch Art Box is founded by us, a mother and daughter team Jean Elliot and Jocelyn Jones. We have been teaching art for over 30 years and we run an art studio called Studio Jean in The Hague, The Netherlands. Here we teach and inspire children and adults. Jean’s partner Rudy is part of our artistic team and is our personal McGyver. He helps edit films and text, and serves us lunches when we are in need of artistic cravings…

We started this artistic platform for both amature and professional artists. Join us if you would like to learn new techniques or improve your drawing and painting skills. Be inspired by fellow artists and share your art story and promote your art work in our online gallery called ‘Featured Artists’. Read our blog full of interesting articles and tips for artists.

Dutch Art Box
If you would like to join us and become a featured artist, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to show your art work on our website. Become a Featured Artist!

Best creative wishes,

Jean and Jocelyn