Creative prompts for artists

What is a prompt
A prompt is a written word or verbal idea to help you form the beginning of a project. It will help you visualise an idea that you can elaborate on and create your own artwork. For example, this can take the shape of a drawing, painting, sculpture, photograph or print.  

Why use prompts
Every artist comes up against a creative block at some point. It can be very frustrating and can be difficult to overcome. To brake the circle and get back into the creative flow you can use prompts. They help you to think outside of the box and get inspiration from an unexpected topic.

What is it good for
Get inspired by new idea’s and create a new body of artwork. Try something new that is out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to make mistakes and get motivated with these new idea’s.  

What do you need
– HB pencil
– eraser
– paper/journal/canvas

50 Prompts
Here are 50 different prompts for you to try out. Pick out the top 10 that speak to you most and fill your art journal or what ever surface you are working on with sketches. Multiple sketches of the same prompt also work well. Don’t rush, take your time and have fun with it. 

  1. A funny fish
  2. A door
  3. Your star sign
  4. Trees
  5. An elephant
  6. A candle
  7. Underwater creatures
  8. Morning coffee and cup
  9. Wine and glass
  10. A Plant or flower
  11. A Tomato sauce bottle
  12. A Fried egg
  13. Stars and stripes
  14. A Pencil and sharpener
  15. A Telephone
  16. A Feather
  17. Lipstick
  18. A Light bulb
  19. A Tube of paint
  20. Hands or feet
  21. A Corkscrew
  22. A Pile of books
  23. A Wooden chair
  24. A Monster
  25. Some Spectacles
  26. A Cat or dog
  27. An Iron and ironing board
  28. A Piece of fruit
  29. Pot of paint brushes
  30. Lamppost or lantern
  31. Cutlery
  32. A washing-up bottle
  33. A Cup cake
  34. Toothbrush and paste
  35. A Sea shell
  36. A Butterfly
  37. A Mushroom
  38. An Ice cream
  39. A Frog
  40. A Cactus
  41. A bunch of keys
  42. A hat
  43. A pirate
  44. An eye
  45. A teddy bear
  46. A self portrait
  47. A unicorn
  48. A computer
  49. A favourite children’s toy
  50. A bumble bee