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Louise Marks

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Artists all over the world

Wil from Holland

For many years I have followed art classes with Jean and Jocelyn in their studio. The groups of pupils are small and the location is great. They give you the freedom to try out different materials and techniques and advise you how to use them. ...

Louise Welch from Scotland

“Jean created a wonderful atmosphere in her teaching environment.”

Kayo from Japan

The most valuable lesson I got from this art course is to take my time.

Neha from India

I was nervous and unsure but so excited to have found a warm, nurturing, fun and energetic environment to bring back my creativity.

Maria from Trinidad

I am happy that I was fortunate enough to be taught by her. It was a lot more than Art that she thought.

Andrés from Colombia

The atmosphere of the art class at Studio Jean is harmonious, relaxed and calm, the students are generally positive people, who share their artistic experiences and make constructive criticism. I painted a typical Dutch landscape with wind mills...

Thérèse from Belgium

I started painting with Jean Elliot at Studio Jean in 2004. I was 44 at the time and really felt as if I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I was curious to see what I could achieve. Fifteen years later I am still enjoying art classes at Studio...

Sue from Canada

Thank you for giving me the gift of drawing and painting.

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